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California Small Fitness Facility Advocates launch Formal Association

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Erica Castillo and Maria Bardet have formally launched the California Small Fitness Facilities Association (CASFFA) to provide small fitness facility owners with resources, support, and advocacy in response to COVID-19.

It’s about time small fitness studios had an advocate.

For far too long, small fitness studios have been sitting on the sidelines politically, despite the fact that boutique fitness brands have made up 40% of the health and fitness market in United States in 2017 — up by 121% from 4 years prior, and growing.

Historically, small fitness studios have not had an organization that supports their individual interests, while we know that every local economy significantly benefits from the annual revenue small fitness studios generate and the workforce they employ. In addition, small fitness studios provide an essential service to their communities -- they are hubs for people’s physical and mental well-being. They are places where people go to physically and emotionally feel well and recharge, so they can go back to life healthier and with more energy to contribute back to their community.

We don’t have to tell you that small fitness facilities are unique — both in how they deliver services and how they operate. It’s about time that nuance is recognized, understood and taken into consideration by policymakers. The CASFFA is committed to working everyday to ensure our small fitness facilities are represented accurately and fairly to our Local and Statewide representatives.

Reap the benefits of our advocacy efforts and so much more, by visiting

visit our Free COVID-19 Assistance page here. — Erica & Maria CASFFA Founders and Executive Team

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